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Disney’s Mulan | Movie Review

Loyal 忠誠, Brave勇敢, True真

Mulan is an incredible action movie featuring a girl who fights in the Chinese war in replacement for her injured father. 

Mulan is a fearless and courageous warrior who would do anything to bring honour to her family. As the Emperor of China decides that one man from each family must help to fight for the country against Böri Khan and his rebels, Mulan takes up the position masquerading as a man in replacement of her crippled father. 

With every step she takes, Mulan is challenged and must try her best to reach her full potential, even if that means putting herself in awkward positions. Fighting alongside her country and Mulan uses every trick up her sleeve to protect China. After a prolonged and distinguished time working in the military, she soon realises that she must stay true to everyone even though if the punishment can be extremely harsh for as of her incredible secret, they will show her no mercy. 

Once her true identity is revealed, she found herself in the most merciless of positions; her punishment is never to be seen anywhere near China. 

Despite this, she stands up for her country and returns to the Army group she was training with – even with the penalty being death – to inform them of the enemy’s plan to conquer the Imperial city. Even if it means she must come face to face with the brutal savage Böri Khan, to protect the country, which had previously exiled her.

I loved this movie due to its gripping twists and fascinating plot. It portrays 3 core values: loyalty, bravery and true. It also represents care and love for family and doing what you think is the best for them and yourself. It can be watched on Disney+, Google Play and Apple App Store.

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