Birmingham, Uk



The spectral darkness of that night would never escape my memory. It still endured the paranoic crypt-quiet.

Steadily, I crept along the jungle path paved by the heaving wind as the hollow sound of wildlife surrounded me. Rustling leaves began to swirl across the jungle floor, while cats called out in piercing cries.

Enveloped within the hypnotic whispers of the jungle, I observed the vast hues of green peeking through the moonlit sky. Varying from razor-sharp edges to smooth surfaces. In a trance, I found myself admiring this beautiful spectacle, losing all sense of the time.

Soon, the moon fell from its cradle and the sun remained concealed within its shroud, the forest metamorphosed into a blackened onyx. I could no longer tell the difference between opened eyes or closed eyes. “Was this a dream?” I asked as I pinched myself in the subdued darkness. A crypt-quiet looming over the leaves. 

Then, suddenly, I was running. Panting. As fast as I could. My breath fell short. As my knees gave out, I dissolved into a foray of tears, screaming for my loved ones. “Where were they? Where was I?” I said howling into the paranoic gloom only to be met with complete and utter silence….

And a shriek echoed endlessly.


  1. This piece of creative writing had me gripped from beginning to end. Excellent use of language features. Highly thought provoking.
    Well done Ikrah!

  2. I’m extremely impressed with the way you were able to manipulate the readers emotions through this first person narrative. I love the use of language coupled with the irregular paragraphing!

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