Birmingham, Uk

Our Kittens

They are very small 

And not very tall 

There is bubbles  

Who’s full of troubles 

Nya who’s very clear 

And coconut, 

A poconut 

Born outside, 

Though not on a slide 

In a tv stand, 

All wet and drowned 

Raised nowhere near a toad, but 

In a house, on a road 

Then mom and dad, in the mood to shout 

Kicked them out 

First was Nya 

Full of fear 

Then coconut 

Who was dragged out 

Then went bubble 

Who kicked in rubble 

Then coconut came back,  

But had the same fate, 

This time thrown to killcat* 

Then came bubbles 

Again, to killcat* 

Now none are together 


If ever Nya comes back 

Take a guess what would happen to her? 


Now everyone wants a dog 

I will never forget them nor let them 

Replace them for a dog 🙁


  1. Minahil! you have summed up last 3 months of the lockdown in this short poem.
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  2. What a beautiful lines connected with eachother… It is a real creativity. Actually It’s a real Inspiration for all kids.. I really enjoyed it and I have read several times…👍

  3. This poem was amazing and the best I have read by far*

    *ha ha ha 😂😂😂

    Also, I feel the same way as you about the kittens and know what it must have felt like with all your kittens gone, especially to the liars at killcat – which I am pretty sure do animal testing.

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