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Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings is marvel’s latest blockbuster and made its streaming debut on the 12th November, Disney+ day to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of  Disney+, arguably the most proficient streaming service. It featured in IMAX enhanced, available to stream. 

Shang Chi’s father is Wenwu, the immortal, brutal possessor of the ten rings, objects that hold power above any other weapon, and his mother, Ying Li, a martial arts doyenne from the secret village of Ta Lo and the only person to beat Wenwu. At a young age, his mother was killed by the criminal group known as the Iron Gang which caused his father to rebuild his nefarious empire. Shang Chi manages to escape when he is sent on his first mission at 15 years old but his younger sister is left at the hands of their father. He manages to live peacefully for 10 years in San Francisco with his friend Katy.  He says to her he was tried to “…change his name. Start a new life”. But soon his past catches up with him when, on a bus, his father sends his best personnel to steal the only thing left to him of his mother, half of a jade pendant. He realises his father will be after his sister who has the other half of it so he sets off to China with Katy. There he finds his sister, the leader of a notorious fighting ring, the Golden Daggers Club. His father sent more agents to attack the club and took them back to the Ten rings headquarters. Here he explained how he had heard his wife’s voice calling him to save her from her entrapment in Ta Lo. He used the pendants to unlock a gate that showed them Ta Lo. They both refused to help him so they were locked up but soon managed to escape. Along with a creature from there, who told them the only way to get to Ta Lo, they set off. His father was hot on their trails but they had enough time before he reached them to prepare the community for war with the help of their mother’s sister. The battle commenced but Shang Chi resolved victoriously. 

The quality of the fighting scenes is breathtaking and I really enjoyed watching the movie. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

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