Birmingham, Uk

Our Story

We’re all familiar with the story of the turtle and the hare that we grew up with. Spoiler- a hare and turtle compete in a race, the outcome being that the turtle wins. With this context, the name of our blog, ‘The Book Hare’ would seem an intriguing choice, sure to perk up a few ears. We decided to take an unconventional approach by putting a spin on this timeless tale by emphasizing the hare’s (note not the turtle’s) achievements. You see, the reason why the hare lost the race was not due to his arrogance or so-called ego, rather, it was a tactical decision. As he approached the corner halfway mark in the track, the hare noticed a quaint little oasis. With vigilance, the hare observed the turtle meandering sluggishly far in the distance. So, the hare decided to take a much-needed break. With the heat of the blistering sun no longer focused on him, the space enabled a somewhat comfortable and productive reading session for the hare. Now, we know that the hare lost the race, but we are concerned with why? In our take, dusk becomes dawn and the hare remains in his secluded oasis indifferent to physical reality. He remains engrossed, utterly consumed by the book- losing all track of time. This advantage is what allowed the turtle his victory. So, you can understand from our story that the hare was not the vanquished loser he is often depicted to be, instead, the hare was actually winning- and not by winning the biological lottery. Yet, by making a conscious effort to improve his own intellect- one that would benefit the hare in the long term- the hare won, not the race of course. This is what we encourage our readers and writers to be- to pursue a voracious quest for knowledge and constant refinement of one’s own ability and this blog provides the safe space for just that. We would love for you to join us on our journey!