Birmingham, Uk

A Lonely Walk

It was a dull, grey evening with a sky that threatened rain. The morning had been cold and wet with a brisk wind that swept the rain across the land. I sat in the corner shivering like the sails on a ship lost at sea.

Swiftly, the rain greeted my torrent sorrows rejuvenating memories of her, once, buried beneath the Earth now resurrected.

Remorse and guilt flooded my body. I was imprisoned by my own flesh, my soul begged to reunite with my beloved.

To gaze upon the tortuous, unholy sight of her; a face once adorned in victory and a head held high full of courage -now, unrecognisable. A fire flourished upon her face once as smooth as silk, now, reduced to bone and blood and blisters.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Tears stung my eyes, while my blood boiled with anger. My heart wept to join my dear.

I died, thirsty in an ocean. Emotional waves ran high with undefined pitch and frequency. I was alone. It had dawned on me- I had no one left.

Images of her flashed in my mind. She was like the rain in the middle of a drought, a light in the dark, the sun in the sky.

Cobbled stones formed a path. Clouds turned grey and the wind started to sing; a song of mourning and prayer. In the distance crows beckoned, as if they already knew death would pay a visit.

Sounds of pain stretched between cities. Shrieks echo endlessly but still, her shallow screams were yet to be avenged.

Why? I was fooled by the stars- they burnt my heart.

It was dusk, and I rode on into the setting sun and watched the blackbirds retreat back to their nests; I can’t help but yearn she lived, my dearest of beginnings, and then I travelled to the sheltering abode.

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