Birmingham, Uk


The sea began to harvest its once-dormant strength. The tranquillity of it appeared hazy like a long lost dream.

Presently, the torrent waves were gripping the seafloor and hurling themselves along the cliffside. Barraging waves pulsed back and forth amidst the roaring lightning whilst the sky recoiled in pain. Steep cliffs resounded in the peal of thunder, shuddering as the waves engulfed them, slowly creeping up with each haul. Deep hues of navy unnoticeably replaced the shallow turquoise, which had once glistened in the sunlight.

The blackened landscape surrendered to the turbulent flashes of white. The prospect of drowning, suddenly, became very real.

What lurked under that tide; hidden- completely- within the pitch black? What mysteries were concealed beneath the surface, secrets shed, bodies harboured?


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