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Sailing at the Sea

I and my 4 friends named Joe, Logan, Alvyn and Nick all agreed that we wanted to explore the pleasant ocean. We packed our things that would be needed at the deep, mystical sea. The next day, we met at the harbour to choose our boat. We finally chose our boat and we were ready for take-off. The sky was grey and it was very windy and rainy and when we reached a certain sea called The Dark Sea. It wasn’t very long until the boat started going wobbly and wasn’t moving well in the sea and it was very hard to row because the sea was going beyond crazy. Then there was a storm crash and the boat couldn’t handle this catastrophe so it sunk with us inside it. We swam and swam until we reached a wall of sand and we realised that we had swum to an island. We got up and saw a stranger, this stranger looked rather old. I and my friends wondered what he was doing all alone on this island, out of me and my friends I had the guts to say ‘’Hello’’ he then replied saying the same thing back and we had a tiny conversation and we learnt a lot. Apparently, he lived here for 50 years and for anyone who came onto this island because of a shipwreck he would help instruct a new boat so we were in luck. It was about 1 hour when we finally finished our new, spectacular boat. It was good to go. As we started sailing back home, we saw many wonders, we eye-witnessed three different species of fish which are clown-fish, star-fish and sword-fish and we even saw a shark! As we reached our destination, we had to run straight to our homes to greet our parents and siblings, our homes weren’t too far. We all said goodbye to each other knowing that a new adventure would await us.


  1. Well done Alex this story is fantastic, you have added loads of detail and have put loads of information so we can understand the gesture of the story. I would like to encourage you to write more reviews and stories to share with others the glory of your experience and expand the story even more. Either way well done keep up the hard work!👍

  2. A great piece of writing! Well written. I would love to experience the adventures of the sea and embark on an adventure such as yours with a group of friends.😊

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