Birmingham, Uk

The Bottom Of The Ocean

Mia dived into the ocean. Even with all her specialist scuba diving equipment, the first thing she noticed was the cold. It engulfed her as if she was being wrapped in a frozen blanket. The second thing that struck her was the colours. Between the monotone, dull shades of blue, short, sharp, bursts of colour seemed to erupt around her. Bright, multi-coloured fish swam past her showing off their shimmery bodies and creating little air bubbles that floated to the top before popping. Her feet sunk into the rich sandy seabed and crabs nibbled and pinched her toes. She could see harmless whale sharks, looming above her but she still hung back thankful her costume was grey to camouflage into the rocks. Plankton and sea moss covered the rocks and rock pools that scattered the seabed. Slow, dawdling turtles waddled around and tickled her. The waves were calm and gentle, completing her serene, tranquil moment of absolute peace. Then the signal came, telling her to come out. It had only been ten minutes but to Mia, it seemed forever.


  1. This reflection is eloquently written. I love the use of sibilance ( evident in ‘serene’, ‘sharp’, ‘scattered’) to describe the sea. It really brings it to life!

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