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How to use suspense in writing


Suspense is an extremely useful feature to use when writing. It leaves the reader hanging; makes them want to know what will happen next. In this guide, I will give you some top tips to make the most of this amazing literary device. • Make your reader feel for the…

How to write a book review


Step 1. Read the book! This is the most important aspect of writing a book review. You will not be able to summarise the key events of a book if you don’t know what occurs. You will need to give a short concise plot summary that gets across the gist…

How to write a creative story


List technical words that may be significant. These could be adjectives or nouns which add a sense of sophistication to your story. List punctuation and linguistic devices that you will use and check them off once you’ve used all of them. For example, semicolons and similies. Find a structure to…