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How to write a creative story

  • List technical words that may be significant. These could be adjectives or nouns which add a sense of sophistication to your story.
  • List punctuation and linguistic devices that you will use and check them off once you’ve used all of them. For example, semicolons and similies.
  • Find a structure to help you build your narrative, for instance, SOAPAIMS or FOSSE. But don’t feel limited by the structure instead just let it guide you.
  • Devise a plot and think about how this would link to the wider genre your writing about.
  • Write a rough plan of the events in the story according to the story mountain (or more advanced Freytag Pyramid Model.) 
  • Consider what point of view you will be writing in. Which is the most appropriate? If you want to include conversational dialogue then using third person narrative may not be the best choice.
  • Hook your reader in. The first paragraph is the most important. How will you begin? You could: pose a question, narrate eloquent prose, begin in mid-action (known as medias res). The options are endless.
  • How will you wrap up your story? Leave it at a cliffhanger, end in tragedy or blissful happiness?

Written by; Ikrah Iqbal


  1. I love how the guide did not feel restrictive and in fact will fuel one’s imagination when story writing!

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