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How to write a book review

  • Step 1. Read the book! This is the most important aspect of writing a book review. You will not be able to summarise the key events of a book if you don’t know what occurs.
  • You will need to give a short concise plot summary that gets across the gist of the novel. This should be written within a couple of sentences depending on the length of the novel.
  • Discuss what YOU liked about the book for example, the characterisation or the description.
  • Critique the novel. What did you dislike about it? This could be the setting or the ending of the novel. How would you have liked it?
  • Support your assertions with short quotations to solidify your argument. Picking very long quotations may compromise your word count and fail to convey your personal opinion of the novel.
  • Add context to the novel by researching the author. This may help you understand why some things occur in the book.
  • Write a short and holistic conclusion summarising what you have stated. 
  • If applicable, give the book a rating out of 5 or 10 or whatever the system may be.
  • If you need help, try reading some book reviews on our website prior to writing your own in order to gain an understating of the structure the reviews are written in, although there is no set expectation.

Written by; Ikrah Iqbal


  1. I love how clearly this post was written! This will definitely inspire others to start writing reviews on stories/books!

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