Birmingham, Uk

Ode To Food

Breakfast, you really can’t miss it,
It’s the most important meal of the day.

Weetabix, tea and toast,
Croissant from the oven just beginning to roast.

Rice crispies, coco pops,
When the list begins, it never stops.

Pancakes, waffles, boiled eggs,
Please that’s enough you beg.

With such a wonderful array,
How are you to choose, you say.

Lunch comes next,
What to eat?

School lunch or packed,
So much choice just at your feet.

Sandwiches with lots of fills,
Fish and chips brought straight from the shop tills.

Jacket potatoes in their coats,
Crisps that resemble miniature boats.

Maybe even a chocolate bar,
(Okay we won’t go that far).

Glee time.

First, you need to eat all your bread and butter,
Then maybe some fruit made into fun shapes with a cookie cutter.

Then cookies plain and chocolate,
Refills of tea and slices of cake on your plate.

Jammy doughnuts, rings of bliss,
Oh, the smell of cinnamon rolls straight from the furnace.

Fudgeless brownies (courtesy of me),
Burt cake (it just had to be).

Cheese scones, jam scones, how do you decide,
Come with me and I’ll take you on a sweet, sweet ride.

And throughout the long, long day,
To have a drink there is always a way.

Coke and Sprite,
Fizzy drinks full of little bubbles packed so tight.

Hot chocolate, tea and coffee,
With so many different variations, you’ll see.

And, without our natural friend water,
Where would we be?

So many different drinks,
All connected in various links.

At last, dinner, the biggest meal,
The smells are so rich, it doesn’t seem real.

Roti with a spicy curry,
Spaghetti and pasta (there’s much, much mora (don’t worry) )

Chinese, Italian, English and Indian too,
Just a few of the cuisines that could be tasted by you.

Noodles and vegetables in a stir-fry,
Fish fingers (or veggie fingers) tasty enough to reach the sky.

Hundreds and thousands of different dinners,
In an Earth so blue.

And if there’s still space inside you,
There’s always some dessert too.

Ice cream, crepes,
Plain and chocolate cakes.

Rice pudding, falooda,
Trifles, yoghurts.

The list goes on and on,
It never ends.

So many food,
Not enough time to try them all.

But until then,
Don’t be shy try everything you see.

We’ll find our likes and dislikes,
You and me.


  1. Oooh I love this poem. With rhyme and beautiful flow. Made me super hungry.
    Can you guess where I’m heading now?Yes, you got it… Straight to the fridge!! 😂🤣

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