Birmingham, Uk

Press Play

Stuck staring at our electronic screens emitting blue light

When we can only recollect the time before, which has faded into a sepia light. 

Only memorable if we try to remember it.

The only time it’s ok to be stuck in the past.

Deafened by the quietness.

Paranoid in the plight.

All the headlines, all the people, tell us to hide in our homes,

Imprisoned by the four walls which had once, long ago, lulled us into a dreamy sleep.

The world has come to a standstill,

Yet the Earth still rotates on its axis,

Leaping from Spring to Summer

Wilting into Winter.

How long will this last?

When will we return to normality?

To wave from afar and mask our identity.

We can’t fast forward into the future, nor rewind into the past.

We simply need to press play and take it day by day.


  1. This was an extremely well-written, insightful peice! It’s so relatable for all of us right now and it was executed beautifully.

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