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Pakistan Flood: The Country Underwater!

Following almost 2 months of intense flooding in Pakistan, the country has been left in an extremely vulnerable position.

The flooding, occurring consequently after a disastrous monsoon in the majority of south and western parts of Pakistan has submerged over a 1/3 of its land. This has led to over 1500 deaths, affecting over 33 million and destroying over 1.4 million houses.

Some of the worst affected provinces include Sindh and Balochistan. Sindh, which produces at least 50% of the country’s food, had at least 90% of its crops destroyed especially after the burst of the Indus river.

Although a famine has not yet been announced in the country, due to good fortune in the country’s crop industry. However, vast amounts of farmland have been inundated after the flooding, which may see the country experiencing food shortages and a rise in food prices. The country will also face lots of waterborne diseases as well as a predicted second monsoon, following the initial catastrophic one.

This has all been a direct expression of the impact of climate change, seeing an increase in magnitude and intensity compared to previously recorded experiences of the country. Around the time of the extreme flooding, the temperature has reached a staggering 53C, melting glaciers and burning crops and forests. Scientists have identified the correlation between climate change and more frequent monsoons in Pakistan, seeing it as the rise in temperature increases the rise in sea levels (as the glaciers and ice melt), this causes more evaporation of water, leading to an increase in precipitation, especially in the hottest regions.

To help with the destruction and health care throughout the country many countries have donated or aided the country, such as the Australian and Japanese governments who have supported the Pakistani government with £2 million dollars. China has also helped the country by sending planes to carry tents and flood aid to Karachi and has pledged to give the country 14.5 million dollars. Although, this has helped the country immensely.

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