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Listen To The Moon

Listen to the moon is an intriguing novel tracing the story of a young girl stranded on the uninhabited isle of Scilly and the boy who found her. 

Alfie and his father find a young girl – abandoned, wounded and starved – huddled in the corner of the Pest House. Upon spotting her, they take her in and do their best to take care of her, yet no matter how much they try she fails to communicate with them. Her health improves gradually and she finds comfort in music and has a good time with the family’s horse, which she learns to tame.  

However, whilst it seems great on the outside, they were still oblivious to her past – their only clues being; the name she said she had; a shabby teddy bear and a damp, scanty blanket with a German name sewn on (which would have been dangerous in the world war one, where other could assume she were German, and thus their enemy). 

Meanwhile, Alfie tries his best to connect with Lucy, whilst struggling with himself. He is bullied at school by his cousin, who threatens to spread the secret of Lucy’s (possibly) German past. Lucy’s bond with Alfie strengthens and she even gets well enough to go to school across the sea with him.

After a while, Lucy expresses her restrained feelings and shares her mysterious past, how she had fled from a ship from America due to England that was drowned before it reached its destination. 

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