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Minimalism; A new way of life

Minimalism is the habit of only owning things you need or that make you happy. This means you don’t have any unnecessary things or clutter. There are many reasons you might want to be a minimalist which include gaining more space, having a positive attitude and mindfulness, and having a healthier lifestyle. You can be a minimalist of anything like clothes, furniture, and other general possessions. Anyone can be a minimalist.

To be a minimalist, you need to understand what you need and don’t need and what gives you happiness and what doesn’t. This means you get rid of all the things that don’t mean anything to you and declutter. It also means all your things are clear and organised. Minimalism makes you happy and lets you focus on what matters the most.

However, that does not mean you have to get rid of everything you own. You could just minimalize one or more aspects of your life or even just minimalize your thoughts. So just go through what you have and categorise it into what you need and gives you happiness and what you don’t need and doesn’t mean anything to you. You will be surprised by how much the piles add up to. You only need about 50% of the things you own.

I think minimalism is a great step for anyone who may feel stressed or finds it hard to concentrate because it potentially removes all distractions. It helps you make more time to spend on things you like or want to make more time for. Therefore, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks they would benefit from it.

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