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The Uncertain Future of Afghanistan

Thousands of people are desperately waiting in Kabul airport for their ticket out of their home country, now a collapsing warzone where anyone can be the Taliban’s next victim. They took over the capital officially on the 8th of August after the intensified attacks beginning in May, causing the president to flee. Several territories were taken over and a girls school was bombed. There have been many high-profile killings, particularly of women. The president hastily left the country with “only the clothes on his back” to the safety of the UAE. He will meet with President Joe Biden.

In 2001, after 9/11 NATO sent soldiers from its ally countries to ensure the country did not become a secure sanctuary for illegal activity and international terrorists. American troops made up most of the fighting force and when President Biden took his troops out, the Taliban decided to make their move. They had been planning their takeover since Trump signed a deal promising to pull out all American soldiers by May which president Biden went ahead with. The moment the country was free of foreign soldiers, the Taliban headed towards the capital; Kabul. The remaining soldiers were stationed at the airport to assist with the evacuation of those in immediate danger and civilians. There were horrific scenes at the airport with flocks of people trying to get in. The airport remains the only safe place in the city for targets of the Taliban which are many.  Most of the refugees are escaping to nearby countries particularly Pakistan and Iran. Some countries have given exact numbers of people they will take in such as the UK who are promising 20,000 however some are very vague. 

The Taliban has made many significant changes to how the country is ruled such as changing the Afghan flag and denying women of their rights. Women have been banned from going to work and girls from going to school. Many girls have been forced to get married. Many women remember what it was like during the 1990s, the last time the Taliban had rule over the country. They are worried about their futures. Many people are suffering in Afghanistan and need our help.

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