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The Portal | Book Review

The portal is a book full of mystery waiting to be solved creatively written by Andrew Norriss. Beginning with William and Daniel Seward’s return from school, having found their parents have disappeared. Not long after, William discovers there is a whole lot more to this than what he and his brother are being told, as a mysterious figure turns up in their life.

Lawrence Kingston, one of their parent’s friends, informs the brothers of their parents’ vacation around the world however is unaware of their return. William grows unsure, which consequently throws a huge responsibility on his shoulders, the role of a stationmaster for an intergalactic portal within his house. Putting him in charge of sending the brick’s (messages) to the family’s robot and looking after the passengers as they arrived through the portal.

Daniel is left in the mist and knows something is up with his brother and knows it has something to do with the mysterious disappearance of his parents. Promising not to tell anyone, William tells him everything and asks for his support to find his parents. Though there was an extra hand helping, Daniel isn’t quite as successful as his brother and gets into a lot of trouble with some irritating passengers.

Unfortunately, through all their hardship, as the mystery grows deeper, each possible explanation to the disappearance to the boys’ parents always leads to a dead end: they could not have gone through the portal and neither could they have left the house without security being aware. Things grow tenser as their mothers’ blood was found and that no two people know of what has happened. The mystery gets equally more apprehensive until one of the passengers sheds some light on it. Will the boys ever find out what has happened to their parents, or will it stay in the dark?

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