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death on the nile

Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie

This book is my first read of Agatha Christie so it is fitting that it is also her most commended
novel. While it did take me a few attempts to get past page 6 it was definitely worth the few
hours it took to read. It is a sophisticated read and features some of Poirot’s finest detective
work. It seems some people dislike the pacing of this book with the murder happening later
into the story, the middle, however (with no knowledge of her other books) I believe the
scene is set and an extent of familiarity and establishment with the characters is built.
But there were a lot of characters so when reading I did write a list of the characters. In my
experience, there were a lot of names to keep up with yet only near the beginning. Once
invested you are totally invested. There is a level of attachment with the characters but
despite being around only 250 pages there is enough character depth.
Linnet Ridgeway an entitled American heiress is on a trip around the world but not without a
certain enemy who has taken to following her. But in Egypt, the tensions come to a head
due to backstabbing, love, money, and deception. It honours the classic composition of a
detective novel, with the methodic murder, interview process, and crisp denouncement. I was
staggered by how the writing intrigued me and made me care for 15 characters at once.
My favorite character reading this book was Tim Allerton due to his apparent youthful
carelessness. His initial resentment toward Poirot did stupidly confuse me but I just love his ending
so so much. He is so distinct compared to other examples of his trope.
Overall, I would recommend everyone read this or another mystery whether to just enjoy the
story or to find their favored reading niche.

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