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The firework maker’s daughter by Philip Pullman

This is a great book that is eye-catching and short, this is about a girl called Lila, who wanted to be a firework maker just like her father Lalchand. Despite her talent, Lalchand believed that it is an unsuitable job for girls. Lila disagrees and continues her path to claim the Royal Sulphur as all firework makers have to do. She then puts matters into her own hands though, she had to fight Razvani the fire fiend, but little did she know she needed special equipment to fight his flames. She goes through a terrific adventure with the help of her friend Chulak and the talking elephant that only they knew can talk. Will she make it out alive? The firework maker’s daughter is an amazing book, full of pleasingly humorous and kind characters. This is such a great, enjoyable book which is why I rate it 4.7 out of 5. I liked the fact that it was short and that is how it caught my attention. This book is set in Merapi in Indonesia. The part that got me worried was when she didn’t have the right protection to fight Razvani, as she could have exposed herself to a dangerous situation.

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