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Twisted Tales, As Old As Time | Book Review

“You had a magic mirror that lets you see life outside your tiny world. Your castle. I had books. Reading them is like travelling to other places. Being other people. Living other lives. It made life feel less… lonely”

The strange but most beautiful girl in the village, Belle, lives with her father Maurice on the outskirts of a small village in France. When out to rescue her father, she finds herself captive of a harsh, lonely beast and his retinue of animated inanimate servants in the desolate, now dilapidated kingdom he was once a prince of and his parents once ruled. They come to an understanding and realise that the only way they will be able to get out is if they work together and become good friends in the process. They uncover many secrets regarding the curse the palace has been put under. And that her mother had been the one to cast it. And then, together they solve the biggest problem, once and for all.

As well as Belle’s story, there are also chapters on the kingdom and her mother and father who had once lived in that kingdom’s past. It is extremely intriguing and written in such a way that not even one paragraph bores you. I would recommend it for 9-15-year-olds who are bored with the classic fairy tales and looking for something with a twist.

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