Birmingham, Uk


Global Warming

Global Warming,
It’s a threat 
It’s a warning

It causes droughts
And that with no doubts

It causes fire
That will never expire

It causes hunger
Even to the younger

It’s cause by greenhouse gases
You can see it without glasses

To make a change 
We will need to arrange

So reduce your carbon footprint
Now here’s a hint

Don’t waste
And do this in haste

We should turn to
wind, solar and wave energy

You shouldn’t cut down trees 
Even if you say please

Remember our future must be sustainable
It is obtainable

Now what will you do 
To help save your planet
Because there is no planet B


    • Hi, Zakariyah I agree with you that it’s a great poem on Global warming. We can say that it’s a true message on global warming.

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