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Matilda | Book Review

If you’re looking for an inspiring yet magical book to sink into, look no further. Matilda, by Roald Dahl, is a heart-warming story with unforgettable plots and memorable characters. The illustrations are also one of a kind. To be enjoyed by all ages it is certainly a book you will always cherish.

Matilda, a clever, brave, book-loving girl, is neglected by her self-centred irresponsible parents who think young girls should be ‘seen and not heard’. But Matilda was not just clever, she was a genius. By the age of one and a half, she could speak fluently and know as many words as a grown-up; by the age of three she taught herself to read and by the age of four she could read fast and well. However, despite the many challenges she faces, Matilda stays strong and gets her own back with ingenious tricks and mischievous plots. A true role model. Nevertheless, when Matilda meets a teacher called Miss Honey her life is changed for the better when together they defeat the ruthless Miss Trunchball, Headteacher of Crunchem Hall.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it is one of my all-time favourites and I’m sure anyone who loves a book about reality with a magical twist will agree. I would definitely give this book a five-star review and am sure it will always remain a timeless classic.

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