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The Smiling Rabbit In The Moon.

Many have theorised about the smiling rabbit on the moon, pounding on a log or pestle. Different places across the globe have their own creative ideas about how it may have come to be there, letting it descend through the generations. It has been discussed from the east to the west and even during the Apollo 11 moon landing. 

It is namely a silhouette on the moon, resembling a happy looking rabbit. This is called a lunar pareidolia.

It goes as so…………..

An old man, named Juan Carlos and his wife, Yesenia, lived in a small town in Mexico. They were extremely poor, with a lack of means and jobs. However, they had a pet rabbit named Juanito, who they adored and it them. 

However, as time progressed, their little food turned to none and as a last resort, they were forced to consider eating Juanito, one day. As Yesenia boiled some water for the rabbit, a foolish jaguar passing by saw this and went to inform him. No matter, how much he tried the rabbit denied it, never believing his owners would do this to him. Assuming the jaguar was going to try to eat him if he left his protective cage, he made a deal with the jaguar to get into the cage whilst he went to get them both some hot chocolate. Being unintelligent, the jaguar listened to this and waited out in the cage for a while. Upon realised how he had been tricked by the rabbit, the jaguar broke free of the cage and ventured into the jungle to look for the deceiving rabbit. 

Before nightfall, the jaguar noticed the rabbit leaning against a wall. Venturing closer, he snarled at the rabbit, threatening to eat it for deceiving him. Looking closely at the jaguar, Juanito claimed to not know him and told him to help him hold up the wall to stop it from falling, whilst he went to find others to help. After a while the Jaguar realised that yet again, he had been mislead by Juanito, as he gradually stepped away from the intact wall he had been holding up for hours. Promising to get Juanito again for this, he paced through the forest in search of him. 

As he neared a clearing, he noticed Juanito celebrated in triumph of his antics, swinging from a vine. Unaware of the jaguar, the rabbit swung faster above the river. With all his strength, the jaguar leapt towards the vine, pulling on it, until finally letting go. Consequently, the vine snapped, sending Juanito higher above the clouds, through the sky and onto the moon. However, unimpressed the jaguar foiled, having not been able to punish Juanito for tricking him.

To this day, whenever you look up to the moon, you can see Juanito chuckling to himself for reaching the moon and tricking the jaguar.

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